Prepare your organization for talent turnover

Your business continuity is paramount. Don't let constant change, change your plans. Let us help you with talent rotation whilst keeping your productivity at maximum.

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Grow culture strategically

Prevent staff turnover and attrition with a culture of knowledge and professional growth.

Give your employees the tools to grow

Assesses progress and enhances skills

Create a culture of evolution with leaders and partners

Power up and take your team to the next level

Guide your team to progress over time in knowledge and focus your efforts on motivation.

Guide your staff to become better professionals

Evaluates progress and empowers each talent

Delivering real growth opportunities to your team

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How does Groowcity work?


Set up your organization

Knows the productivity, synergy and performance of teams.


Create goals and objectives

Identify objectives and define action plans for your staff.


Recognises performance

It measures the maturity of teams and generates support plans for further growth.


Show and share your progress

Visualise behavioural data for decision-making.

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Generate extra value for your organization to avoid talent turnover.

Support and record the growth of your employees and generate the necessary motivation for talent retention and the search for similar profiles.

Find out the status of each employee, internal and supplier.

Global vision of your company's talents, register its evolution and progress of internal talents as well as those of your suppliers.

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Adapted to different needs

You will be able to manage and keep track of all your talents.

You will fill vacancies with a similar profile in terms of skills and expertise, thanks to the registration generated in Groowcity.

Order and control of talents

Register of skills and expertise of each employee

Management of areas, work teams and on an individual basis

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